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AAA • American Stock Exchange • Amoco • Amy's Kitchen • Apple • Birkenstock • California School Employees Association • Empire Waste Management • Frito-Lay

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Liz Cornish - Keynote Speaking and Workshops

Special Topic: Beyond Skills and Smarts:
Standing Out in the New Economy

Are you taking advantage of global changes? Do you know what will be required to maximize your contribution and sustain your career in this challenging economy? Learn from the over 300 highly effective women from a broad range of public, private and non-proἀt industries. Share their hard-won wisdom and strategies for excelling during organizational upheaval.

Learn how successful senior female leaders approach change and disruption
Learn your five most critical points of “focus” during demanding times
Learn your career “white space” – what it is, how to manage it
Learn 3 ways to build your capacity and maximize your success in turbulent times
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The “C” Factor:
7 choices of wildly successful women

What distinguishes wildly successful women – admirals, multi-million-dollar entrepreneurs, CEOs of billion-dollar corporations – from those who plateau earlier? With the same skill set and smarts, why do some females cruise through the glass ceiling while others crash into it? Learn the hard-won advice and wisdom from 300+ interviews of highly effective women who shattered the status quo.

7 choices that can catapult your career
How to tackle professional or personal "moments of truth"
Strategies for making tremendous tugs on your time and psyche as performance boosters
How to recover from career - killing setbacks
What mental games to banish... now
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Taking Charge:
The Woman Leader's Guide to the First 100 Days on the Job

Learn how to maximize your success in the most critical, exciting and vulnerable time of your career – a new leadership challenge.

Used well, the first 100 days are an unparalleled opportunity to accelerate your success and create long-term momentum. Unfortunately, a few tactical errors in these first crucial days can cause a crisis of confidence in your leadership from which it’s tough to recover. There are ways to maximize your chance of success while minimizing risk in this critical period. Given the overwhelming demands, how should you allocate that most precious commodity: time? In this lively talk, learn how top female leaders:

Take advantage of being new
Manage the push to move quickly against the pull to make thoughtful, informed choices
Create “going-in” strategies that “wow” your counterparts
Determine critical first tasks that will secure your leadership
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Leadership Adventure:
Tales from the Arctic and other Training Grounds

Enjoy amazing stories and powerful leadership lessons learned from tackling remote wilderness challenges.

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