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AAA • American Stock Exchange • Amoco • Amy's Kitchen • Apple • Birkenstock • California School Employees Association • Empire Waste Management • Frito-Lay

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Liz Cornish - Coaching and Consulting
Liz Cornish - Coaching and Consulting

Are you, your team or organization in transition or change?

Liz Cornish - Coaching and ConsultingLiz Cornish, Founding Partner of FHD (First 100 Days) Consulting is available to lead you and your organization through the critical days of your new endeavor; a new business, leadership challenge, start-up initiative, team or special project. With over 25 years of organizational, leadership, facilitating, training and coaching experience, Liz will guide you to rapid success in those critical first 100 days and beyond.

As a coach, Liz Cornish specializes in guiding individuals and groups in transition, such as new leadership challenges, change initiatives, start-up projects, teams and planning.  She excels working with leaders who must leverage relationships, deliver results, inspire confidence, jumpstart teams and manage the push to action against the pull to make thoughtful, informed decisions.

Liz is the leading expert in coaching women from middle management - executive levels to manage transitions, achieve their goals and sustain top performance.

Contact Liz Cornish now for more information on Coaching and Consulting services.

Liz delivers top results in the following:
Coaching and Developmentn
Leadership Transition
Executive and Managerial Team Development
Executive On-boarding
Career Transition
Development of Self and/or Others
Team Leadership
Personal Leadership
Driving Results
Maximizing Performance
Organizational Leadership
Organizational Effectiveness
Vision/Mission Development
Strategic or Long Range Planning
Succession Planning
Large Scale Organizational Transition/Change
Public Outreach
Business Process Improvement
Organizational Design and Alignment
Performance Management
Training, Workshops and Keynotes
Leadership/Management/Supervision Skills
First 100 Days of a New Leadership Challenge
7 Choices of Wildly Successful Women
Performance Management
Creating and Maintaining Effective Teams
Presentation and Public Speaking
Train the Trainer
Communication Skills (feedback, listening, conflict resolution, problem-solving)
Facilitation — Running Productive, Efficient Meetings
Managing Transitions/Change
Team Building
Start Up
Problem Solving
  Conflict Management
System Delivery
Project Teams
Low Productivity and Morale
Rapid Growth or Downsizing
Management Changes
Teambuilding (including goal setting, role clarification, processes and procedures, experiential)
Creating and Alignment of Goals, Planning and Feedback
Community Outreach of Diverse Stakeholders
Meeting Design and Facilitation: 5 – 500 people
Consensus Building
Focus Groups
Process Design and Improvement
Project Management
Contact Liz Cornish now for more information on Coaching and Consulting services.
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